Saturday, 12 April 2014


Doing some late night coursework thought I'd share my playlist rn. The last two are kinda depressing, anyhu follow me on soundcloud if your into the same music i am (Link on blog)  xo

Saturday, 29 March 2014

One morning over breakfast// photo update

@Baltzersens Harrogate

After a very long photoshoot in the fields

Watching rain fall after school

Snaps from my birthday 

Catch ups 

Style spotting at school

Gallery viewing and shopping 

Relaxing on set after a shoot 

Decorating the new house.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mustard Mix

I did absolutely nothing today
However, i do love this outfit! I cant wait till summer like forreal! Not that I'm looking forward to exams or anything, just the weather mainly because its been raining for days and England sucks. I also hate wearing bright colours when i'm feeling depressed on the inside.
I love this top, I snook it when i went to go visit my aunty in Germany. She has this beautiful apartment in the Lindau, absolutely filled with clothes shes collected. I doubt she'd notice if anything went missing. She gave me this top, i love the bold colour and the overlapped front. I think this was the first time i'd ever worn it. The backpack was a pretty little present my sister bought for my birthday. Its from new look and isn't it gorgeous!
Hype this look

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Stay Open

Today i took the day to pamper myself and play dress up. I got dropped dropped of at my grandmothers house and no one was in so i just let myself in and looked for an interesting backdrop. I really wanted to shoot outside today but the typically english weather started to bucket down just as i was heading out so instead i opted for her antique filled living room. 
I love it, shes an absolute hoarder when it comes to collecting china and other little fandangles. I played some motown on her record player and listened to rhye. I took these photos with my tripod because obviously no one was around and had a blast in this beautiful peach bodycon dress my sister ordered online a while back, unfortunately i can't remember where its from however, i adore it!

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